• BIK’O GRAPHENE CERAMIC KIT is a nano-ceramic UV coating that protects your bike against bad weather, UV rays and chemical contaminants. Its hydrophobic properties repel water, dirt and other contaminants that can cause long-term damage to your bike’s frame.
  • This product keeps your bike clean and sparkling for much longer, while minimizing the risk of paint scratches.
  • Provides 3 to 5 years’ protection.
  • 10H hardness minimizes the risk of paint scratches.
  • Spectacular hydrophobic properties.
  • Significantly reduces dirt build-up.
  • Set treats (1 – 2 bikes) or (1 motorcycle).

INSTRUCTIONS: Clean your bike thoroughly with ALL CLEAN cleaner. Decontaminate the surface with the PREP SPRAY included in the kit. Wrap the microsuede cloth around the sponge and apply the product generously to the cloth. To facilitate application, always proceed in small sections. Wipe off the treated area after 2-3 minutes. When GRAPHENE treatment is complete, wait 24-48 hours before using your bike. Your bike must remain protected from the elements during this period.